Braun Electric Toothbrush 1.0: Compare the features of braun electric toothbrushes.

Braun Electric Toothbrush 1.0

There are various kinds of electric toothbrushes and it is usually difficult to choose the right one when you decide to buy an electric toothbrush. They can be very different both in functionality and technical features. By the help of this reference software, you can easily compare the features of braun electric toothbrushes.

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Rasierer Haarschneider Fotos 1.0.4: Rasierer Screensaver for the real Man

Rasierer Haarschneider Fotos 1.0.4

The Rasierer Screensaver for the real Man! This is the Shaver Screensaver. The pictures shows pictures of shavers of Philips, Remington, Braun, Panasonic and Carrera. For Tests about shavers look at! The Screensaver shows great test pictures of the best shavers for men. For more infos about german "Rasierer" oder "Haarschneider" and tests look at

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Lap Timer 2000 6.1: Try this free slot car lap counter and timer

Lap Timer 2000 6.1

LapTimer 2000 is a small MS Windows program that will count and time laps on any scale slot car track. Laps are timed with 1/1000 of a second accuracy. Lap Timer 2000 includes hardware interfaces for the Joystick Game Pad, Parallel Printer Port, Keyboard and the RS-232 Serial Communications Port. Slot car tracks with up to four lanes can be used with Lap Timer 2000. A single race or practice session can record up to 4096 laps per lane.

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NoteBook 2000 5.5: Store notes and to-do list for easy reference.

NoteBook 2000 5.5

NoteBook is a small program useful for keeping short notes and lists. The main window displays a table of contents built from the first line of each notebook page. Double-click on an entry in this table to display and edit the specific note. Notes can be easily marked and sorted by priority. Search and Replace text in individual notes or throughout an entire note pad. NoteBook can be used to store web site URLs, eMail addresses, and phone numbers

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File Shredder 2000 4.3: Completely remove sensitive files from your disk drives.

File Shredder 2000 4.3

File Shredder is a small utility that will completely erase the contents of sensitive files and folders that you specify. Normal file deletion only removes a file`s directory entry, but leaves the data contained in the file on your disk drive. File Shredder completely overwrites the contents of a file and then deletes it. To shred files and folders simply drag them to the File Shredder icon in the same way you would the Recycle Bin.

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Slot Cars 2000 2.8: Create an inventory of your slot cars or models

Slot Cars 2000 2.8

Slot Cars 2000 is a small program used to create a detailed inventory of your slot car collection. Slot Cars 2000 will record information about each car in your collection. Along with catalog and model information, you can also record acquisition dates, prices and current values, chassis and motor modifications as well as track and testing results. Slot Cars 2000 was designed to create detailed inventories of slot car collections.

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RGB Editor 2000 3.9: Edit and view RGB colors for your programming and HTML projects.

RGB Editor 2000 3.9

RGB Editor is a small utility useful for selecting and creating RGB colors for graphics projects. The values of the red, green and blue components are displayed and easily transferred to your source code files. Custom colors can be defined and saved for use in other projects. Custom color swatches can also be copied to the clipboard. RGB Editor can be configured to optionally place its icon in the taskbar tray.

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Stay Live 2000 3.1: Keep your Internet dial-up connection alive.

Stay Live 2000 3.1

Does your Internet Service Provider drop your dial-up connection after what seems like only nanoseconds of account inactivity? Stay Live 2000 keeps your Internet Dial-Up Connection active and on-line by periodically sending a small TCP/IP packet to one of the many Atomic Clocks maintained by the United States Government. Sending these small packets prevents your ISP from dropping your connection due to inactivity.

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Tray Tools 2000 2.6: Quickly launch programs from the icon tray

Tray Tools 2000 2.6

Tray Tools allows you to place up to 24 program icons in the Taskbar Tray. Program icons that you place there can be launched by simply clicking your mouse on them. To add new programs or modify existing items click your mouse on the small red toolbox icon displayed in the tray. You can also modify an existing program icon by right-clicking on it directly from the Taskbar Tray.

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Kart Data 2000 3.0: Download this free kart chassis setup utility.

Kart Data 2000 3.0

Kart Data 2000 is a small freeware utility that will calculate various kart chassis settings including gear ratio, track speed and corner weights based upon the information you specify. Facilities are also included to create Gear Ratio Charts on your printer. This software can calculate setups based upon either Metric or U.S. Standard measures.

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